Mission Trips

MISSIONS TRIPS: The fervor for preaching the Gospel to every creature is kept hot by planned trips to various mission fields. Our pastors have traveled to places such as Australia, the Philippines, England, Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Costa Rica, the Czech Republic, Belarus, Lithuania, Canada, Samoa, and French Polynesia; where they have met with evangelists, pastors, and Christian workers to learn first-hand about the needs of the people. Our Youth have traveled to Mexico, the Czech Republic, the Yukon Territory of Canada, and Costa Rica; where they served through tract distribution, singing, and preaching. In the summer of 2014, the Youth traveled to Samoa to minister with supported evangelist Pene Faafouina. The Lord has used this trip to put the South Pacific mission field on our hearts and minds as a Church.

SHORT-TERM MISSIONS EXPERIENCE: The Church sponsors a “Short Term Missions Experience” project to assist young people spend an extended period of time living and serving with missionary families. The first young adult to benefit from this opportunity spent time working alongside Bible-believing Baptist evangelists in Thailand, Australia, the Czech Republic, Argentina, and Columbia from November 2005 to October 2006. In the summer of 2006, another single lady spent six weeks in Romania working with a Bible-believing Baptist evangelist among orphan children.

SOUTH PACIFIC: An evangelistic interest in the islands of the South Pacific was generated through the Church's Youth Missions Trip to Samoa in June of 2014. Pastor Sargent and Brother Josh Hower traveled to French Polynesia in October of 2014 for a survey trip. Since Bible Baptist Church is on the West (Pacific) coast of the USA, the question being asked of the Lord was, “Where do you want us to take the Gospel?” Humanly speaking, it makes some sense that we would “look out through our window” to the west. While it is understood that this quest is to seek a vision from the Lord that may take some time in coming to fruition, the survey trip was a profitable step in the process. Since then, Pastor Sargent led a group of members to Fiji and the Solomon Islands in 2017 where God worked in the lives of the members who participates.