2018 Sermons

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  • the christian life

    Hebrews 11:8-16

    The promises of God were, and are, seen through faith.

  • are you willing to bear the mark?

    Galatians 6:17

    Are you willing to bear the marks of the Lord Jesus Christ in your body?  How well do you carry the stigma of being a Christian?

  • rich man; poor man

    2 Corinthians 8:9

    Rich man or poor man, which one are you?  In the context of giving, are you rich or poor?  Jesus Christ himself is the ultimate example of giving!

  • even to your old age i will carry you

    Isaiah 46:4

    We grow old, we grow weary, we grow gray and we go home to glory, and God carries us all the way.  Who do you look to, to carry you and to deliver you?

  • present with the lord

    2 Corinthians 5:1-8

    The reality of death really does not trouble the true born again believer.  The Bible also speaks of those who have a fear of death.  For a child of God, death can be talked about openly because of the promises God gives the believer.

  • with a straight course

    Acts 16:11

    Sharing the vision for Bible Baptist Church through 2019.  With a Straight Course emphasizes the steadfastness of the church as we chart and maintain the course with NCWBO, PBO, and the SPBO ministries as well as the ministries local to the church.

  • a gift that prospereth

    Proverbs 17:8

    The greatest of all gifts is that of Salvation.  How do you view the gift of Salvation? It is the gift that warrants our full attention during the Holiday Season and all throughout the year.

  • seasons shall not cease

    Jeremiah 33:19-21

    As you enter different seasons of your life, God has a specific plan and purpose for you.

  • in fasting often

    2 Corinthians 6:3-5; 11:22-30

    Denying the physical to accentuate the spiritual will enable a more fruitful prayerlife. We can learn from those we read about in the Bible that fasted.

  • love labors

    1 Thessalonians 1

    Faith, love and hope should be evident within all areas of our lives. 

  • in christ

    2 Timothy

    Are you thankful for being IN Christ?  Being IN Christ should encourage us to press forward for Christ.

  • this is the word of god

    Ephesians 3:1-7

    The Bible IS the Word of God!  The Bible is inerrant and in its teaching it is infallible.  The Bible is the basis for all we believe and all that we do.

  • bless the lord; the lord bless thee

    Psalm 134

    This last of the Songs of degrees represents a climactic response in seeking to bless the Lord and for the Lord to bless thee.

  • Giving To The Work Of The Lord

    Ezra 2:64-70

    People in Ezra’s day gave to the work of the Lord; today we should be willing to give to the work of the Lord!

  • arrayed, but not fighting

    1 Samuel 17:1-3

    Many Christians today are arrayed for the battle, but never get engaged in the battle.  They are prepared, but have no intention in fighting!

  • judge Not

    Matthew 7:1-5

    Bible Christianity is an absolute faith.  Those that hold a Biblical world view are often accused of being judgmental.  People do not want to be judged today.  Is it right to judge?  If it is right for us to judge, then how should we go about judging?

  • the holiness of god and missions

    Isaiah 6:1-13

    As we get our eyes off men and fix them upon God, He transforms us to be great servants for Him.  We need to get our eyes more upon the Lord for our motivation to serve Him.

  • Bind The Sacrifice With Cords

    Psalm 118:27

    Too many Christians today have withdrawn themselves from the altar of sacrifice.

  • that they may know that this is thy hand

    Psalm 109

    A Psalm penned by David where all his passion and pent up frustration about situations in his life are shared. The aim of his prayer was for God’s will for God’s glory.

  • the unpardonable sin

    Matthew 12:31,32   

    Many people down through the years have been troubled with thinking about the unpardonable sin.  Concerned whether you have committed the unpardonable sin?  This IS hope!

  • is there a chink in your armor?

    2 Chronicles 18:1-34

    Vulnerabilities in our armor can be very dangerous and deadly.  As a Christian, iIs there a chink in your armor today?

  • qualities of service

    Acts 15:13-34

    Silas was a man called of God and consecrated to a work.  He exhibits characteristics that are very instructive for us today in our service to the Lord.

  • the glories of heaven

    2 Corinthians 12:1-7

    Paul’s description of the third heaven in incomprehensible to us.  Heaven IS a reality!

  • follow thou me

    John 21:1-22

    Jesus speaks to us personally, we are not to be distracted by what others are doing.

  • the worms of hell

    Mark 9:43-48

    Jesus clearly taught the reality of hell.

  • Resorting ofttimes with jesus

    John 18:1-2

    An exhortation to Christians to oft times resort with Jesus in Gethsemane.

  • For We walk by faith

    2 Corinthians 5:6-9

    The foundational truth of walking by faith is often missed by Christians walking by sight.

  • It's Not An Isolated Case

    Ecclesiastes 1:9-11

    Don’t get shocked, sidetracked, or swindled – trials grow us!

  • The Aaronic Priesthood

    Exodus 27:21-28:1

    Our God is a God of details. In the description of the garments of the Old Testament priesthood we see God’s glory and beauty.

  • Saving relationships

    2 Corinthians 2:1-11

    Relationships can be very fragile. God’s Word gives us great insight with building, cultivating, and repairing relationships.  

  • poured out prayer

    1 Samuel 1:9-18

    When we are feeling overwhelmed like Hannah we need to be encouraged to pour ourselves out before the Lord in prayer.

  • Life is good

    Philippians 4:10-13

    Can you declare with honesty and sincerity that life truly is good for a child of God?  We must recognize and understand that in Christ we have the good life.

  • killing our eglon

    Judges 3: 12-30

    Why is it today that Christians are more interested in serving sin than serving Jesus?  God paints a very clear picture of how to get some victory in our life and how to see God really work and move.  Getting the joy that is so often robbed from us.  

  • no reputation

    Philippians 2:1-11

    Many today are counting on their reputation with man to get them to Heaven.  Christ made Himself of no reputation. . . so should we.  We are challenged as a Christian and a church to have the right kind of reputation before God and man.

  • titus, a good name

    Proverbs 22:1

    We should seek to balance a good name with no reputation.    Do you have a good name declared among Christians?  Among churches?

    Click HERE for a copy of the handout for this sermon.

  • worthy is the lamb

    Revelation 5:1-14

    What is it that motivates you to serve in a ministry? Exploring the motivation that we really need in our lives for the cause that we have.

  • is there not a cause?

    1 Samuel 17: 28-29

    Is there not a cause in your life; do you have a cause?

  • Two Answers For Discouragement

    2 Corinthians 4:1-18

    Paul’s refusal to resign challenges us to carry on for Christ. Make a declaration not to faint.

  • get out of the way and speak

    I Corinthians 2:1-5
    Listen now to this challenge to get self out of the way and speak, not with excellency or enticement, but with utterance enriched by God’s Grace and the indwelling power of the Spirit.

  • The gift of a godly legacy

    2 Kings 2:1-18
    If we have generation of children who don’t have a close relationship with God, then how will they raise up children themselves who have a close relationship with God? Listen now to about the importance of a close relationship with God.

  • the reality of rejection

    Genesis 37:1-4
    When others turn their back on you, you still have a Father in heaven that cares for you, loves you, and will help you during times of rejection. Listen now to hear this message on the subject of rejection.

  • spiritual reproduction in proverbs

    Proverbs 1
    The goal of every Christian parent should be to spiritual reproduce a relationship with God in their children. Listen now to hear three simple steps towards that end.

  • Abridging the generational gap

    Judges 2:6-10
    It only took three generations after Egypt for Israel to forget the Lord. Listen now to hear about not just the cause of generational decline, but also the cure.

  • think about what you're thinking about

    Colossians 3:1-2
    Our speech reveals that which we are thinking about, whether its wholesome or perverse. Listen now to hear how our speech should reveal thoughts that are obedient to Christ. 

  • Help & Hope After Sowing & Reaping

    Hosea 13:9

    God’s Law of Sowing & Reaping certainly holds true scripturally (Galatians 6:7); but a merciful God offers Help and Hope beyond the reaping that we’ve sown.

  • In me is thine help

    Hosea 13:1-14:2

    Don’t let Satan convince you that you can’t bring your problems to God. Listen now to hear this challenge to find grace at the throne.

  • settle out of court

    Matthew 5:21-32

    One day, you will stand in judgment. Agree with your adversary now and see your sinful nature, before it is too late.

  • the queen's condemnation

    Matthew 12:42

    The queen came to try, test, and prove the wisdom of Solomon. God’s Word shows us the great wisdom of the One who gave Solomon his wisdom. Listen now to hear this challenge to try, test, and prove God and, thus, see His great wisdom.

  • when policy weakens purpose

    Luke 13:10-17

    The Pharisees failed to see the needs of people because of their religious policies that put the people into bondage. Listen now to hear this challenge to have a burden for people’s souls.

  • 1 corinthians 12:13

    1 Corinthians 12:13

    This passage is a “proof text” used by those who believe that the in a universal, mystical Body of Christ “Church”. Listen now to hear why this is not so and to get a better understanding of Ecclesiology. 

  • the son to the father

    John 17

    One of the most tender and beloved names of God is that which Christ used to refer to God: Father. Is God your father? If you are outside the family of God, make God your Father today!

  • The fruit matches the tree

    Matthew 12:33-37

    If the fruit in your life does not match the tree, then examine yourself and your relationship with Christ. Listen now to hear this challenge to yield yourself to the master gardener.

  • are we pure from the blood of all men?

    Acts 20:25

    Paul and Ezekiel had this testimony that they were pure from the blood of all men. Listen now to this challenge to endeavor to obtain the help of God to continue until the day of the Lord’s return.

  • memories of baptism

    John 10:22-42

    In the midst of all of the storms that were swirling around Him, The Lord went back to a place that reminded Him of His mission here on this earth: the place of His baptism. Listen now to hear this challenge to remember your baptism and what is represents.

  • unto thee any graven image

    Judges 17

    It is easy to justify idolatry as unto the Lord, but God’s desire is that we would kneel at the cross and give our idols up. Listen now to hear this challenge to keep God first in your life.

  • is it really worth while?

    I Peter 4:12-19

    Once found, no one can deny or renounce Jesus Christ. To know one’s sins are forgiven, to know salvation, and to know that the Lord Jesus is the one who plucked us out of this sinful world is to know a life that is abundant and worthwhile.

  • there is a samson in all our children

    Judges 14

    Samson stands out as someone who could have done great things for God, but he struggled through life and barely managed to accomplish what God had for him to do. Listen now to hear this challenge to live a consistent, Christian life.

  • what your heart desires

    Mark 11:24

    God wants to give you the desires of your heart, but are your desires Godly? Or are they carnal? Listen now to this message on the subject of prayer and the desires of the heart.

  • children have great potential

    Judges 13

    Leading your children to find God’s purpose and fulfill God’s purpose is going to require a spiritual commitment on the part of every parent. Listen now to hear this message on the subject of children from the example of Samson.

  • keep eternity in view

    Isaiah 57:15

    Keeping eternity in view is not only an encouraging prospect for ourselves, but should motivate us to tell others about eternal life. Listen now to hear this challenge to keep eternity in view.

  • how good must i be?

    Acts 10:1

    If you, like Cornelius, have the question, “How good must I be to get into heaven?”, then you need to know that it doesn’t matter what you do or have done, but what Christ did for you on the cross. Listen now to hear this clear call to salvation.

  • thirsty souls

    John 4:4-29

    Thirsty souls will find something to drink and if we don’t offer them living water, we should ask ourselves: What will they drink? 

  • david's psalm of praise

    Psalm 145

    We should praise God because the Scriptures tell us that “the Lord is nigh unto all them that call upon Him”. Listen now to hear this challenge to praise God from this Psalm of David.

  • if god wills it, we must expect it

    I Timothy 2:1-6
    If it is God’s will for all to be saved, which it is, then we can expect Him to do great things to make it a reality. Listen now to this challenge to ask the Lord to put someone in your path that you could witness to.

  • God's will for you

    I Timothy 2:1-6
    God’s will is that all will be saved. Salvation is unlimited in its invitation meaning there is no one who is excluded. Listen now to hear this challenge to call upon the Name of the Lord.

  • forgetting to pray

    Philippians 4:8

    God is constantly blessing you and sometimes you just need a reminder. Listen now to hear this message on this thought: Prayer brings peace and pondering brings praise. 

  • kingdom wedding

    Matthew 22:1-14

    You might not care much for weddings, but there is a wedding that is different and very important. Listen to hear this message concerning those who are without garment, without speech, and without light and to the challenge to invite others to the wedding.

  • savor the resurrection

    Matthew 16:21

    Though Easter be a pagan concept, the resurrection of our Savior is a day to remember. Listen now to hear the resurrection prophesied, protested, paired, previewed, perfected, and proffered.

  • Lord, is it i?

    Matthew 26:20-30

    Christ made this statement to his disciples: “One of you shall betray me”. The responding attitude of the disciples was to be sorrowful and led to a profitable self-examination when they responded with, “Lord, is it I?” Listen now to hear this challenge that will point you to this same positive self-examination.

  • Preparing for the lord's table

    I Corinthians 11

    Don’t feel like you can’t profit from the Lord’s Table due to an unavoidable absence. Prepare yourself in unity, sanctity, and memory. Determine to achieve much of the purpose that is centered in the Lord’s table.

  • How should we deal with offences

    Matthew 18:15-22

    The forgiveness that we exercise towards one another is the same kind of forgiveness that we receive from our Savior who forgave us when we committed terrible sin. With the power of Christ, and His forgiveness, we can forgive others. Listen now to hear this challenge to deal with offences one towards another.

  • satan hath desired to have you

    Luke 22:31-33

    After warning Peter of Satan's desire to sift him, Christ told Peter that he would pray for him. Listen now to hear about both this warning and encouragement.

  • Don't be a won't

    Hebrews 6:1-10

    Saying no to God working in your life makes it impossible for you to be saved in any other way. Don’t reject the conviction from God and don’t be a won’t.

  • ye did run well

    Galatians 5:1-18

    How can you run the race of your Christian race well? You have to run with purpose, with preparation, and with patience and perseverance. Listen now to hear this challenge to stay focused on the Christian race.

  • After the crisis

    Psalms 56

    When the eyes of a person who experiences pain fixate on the Lord, that person tastes the Word of God. What will you do after experiencing crisis? What will you do after God helps you?

  • the parable of the rich fool

    Luke 12:15

    There are many fools who believe in God, even those who trust in Jesus Christ, but they are foolish because they don't pursue Him. Instead, they pursue the things they want to pursue. Listen now to hear this challenge to pursue Christ and all His righteousness.

  • Amnesia

    2018 BBC Men's Rally

    Deuteronomy 6:1

    If there is a God, then you better start living like He exists. In the words of Elijah, "How long halt ye between two opinions? If the Lord be God: follow Him"

  • singleness

    2018 BBC Men's Rally

    Revelations 1:13-17

    Regardless of where you find yourself as a single person and regardless of when God would have you marry, are you willing to step out and serve Him while you have your eyes fixed on Him? Listen now to hear this challenge to serve God while you remain single.

  • are you thriving or surviving?

    2018 BBC Men's Rally

    I Peter 1

    "Holiness requires suffering. There are no lessons so useful as those learned in the school of affliction"

    Did you know you can thrive through affliction? Are you thriving in your Christian walk? Or are you surviving and just barely making it?

  • Worthless Religion

    2018 BBC Men's Rally

    James 1:19

    Vain religion is religion that has no worth or value. It's completely self-serving and there's nothing pure and pleasing to God about it. Listen now to hear this challenge to change the religion you practice.

  • Now Faith

    2018 BBC Men's Rally

    Hebrews 10:32

    We can assuredly gather that suffering will follow salvation, reward will follow the race, and that faith must follow frenzy. You can't afford to be distracted from God's work. Listen now to hear this challenge of your faith.

  • Charity challenge

    I Corinthians 13

    Paul told the Corinthians that he would willingly spend and be spent for them, thus exemplifying charity. Listen now to hear this challenge to invest yourself into others with charity.

  • The providence of god

    Genesis 27:30-40

    This message uses a Bible example to demonstrate how the Providence of God works in a believer’s life, often in spite of our failures and disobedience, to accomplish the Lord’s good purpose. It explains what is meant by the Providence of God, and why we can, as Christians, can trust Him to do all things well.

  • It Will be worth it all

    I Thessalonians 2:14-20

    It will be worth it all when we see Jesus,

    Life’s trials will seem so small when we see Christ;

    One glimpse of His dear face all sorrow will erase,

    So bravely run the race will we see Christ.

    Listen now to hear this challenge to serve Him here on earth for heaven will be worth it all.

  • For His Mercy Endureth Forever

    Psalm 136

    A simple message: Give thanks, God loves you, For His mercy endureth forever. Listen now to hear why this chapter in Psalms says twenty-six times: For His mercy endureth forever.

  • Settling Of Hearts

    Luke 21:12-24

    The greatest unsettling in someone’s heart is not knowing where they will spend eternity. Listen now to hear this message on the settling of your heart.

  • a trophy of grace: Part 2

    Colossians 4:7-9

    God was able to use these men in spite of them. God’s grace can save and equip anyone. Listen now to the first part of this message on God’s Grace.

  • A Trophy Of Grace: Part 1

    Colossians 4:7-9

    God was able to use these men in spite of them. God’s grace can save and equip anyone. Listen now to the first part of this message on God’s Grace.

  • The Castaway king

    2 Chronicles 26:16-21

    King Uzziah was one who initially served God and was blessed for his faithfulness. However, being strong, he was lifted up in pride and paid a dear price. Listen now to hear this warning on pride.

  • Out of the depths to higher ground

    Psalm 130

    God’s desire is that you would be accepting of His forgiveness, not to continue in the depths, but take the next step to higher ground. Have you cried a prayer from the depths? Listen now to hear this message on this Psalm of Degrees.

  • selective surrender

    Romans 12:1,2

    Are there still points in your life that bring worries and fears? Give those areas over to God and allow Him to take care of it. Listen now to hear this challenge to give yourself completely over to the Lord.

  • Generational sin

    2 Chronicles 15:1-8

    Asa was a man who had everything going against him. He had a, mostly, ungodly heritage, but Asa rose to the occasion and broke the generational sins that ran in his family. Listen now to hear this message on generational sin.

  • alas, my brother

    1 Kings 13:11-32

    If sinners entice thee consent thou not, but if men of God who are speaking lies entice you, you have to have the discernment that God provides.

  • Come Thou and all thy house into the ark

    Genesis 7:1

    Through this example of Noah we see how God communicates with man, God invites man, God provides for man, and God judges man. Listen now to this example of God’s love for Noah, and all his house, and you, and all your house.

  • Precepts, Principles, and preferences

    I Corinthians 8:1-13

    When dealing with God’s Word, there are precepts, principles, and preferences involved. Listen now to hear the difference between these three and why the differences matter.

  • Consent thou not

    Proverbs 1:10-19

    God’s Word commands us to not consent when we are enticed. Listen now to hear this message concerning the enemies of our spiritual life and our defenses against those enemies.

  • assuredly Gathering

    Acts 16:6-12

    Over the last year, God has made it clear to this church that God would have us do something in the South Pacific. This next year will see that plan realized. Listen now to hear this message containing the theme of our church in 2018: "Assuredly Gathering".

  • falling unto furtherance

    Philippians 1:12

    Things which happen to us can fall out unto the furtherance of the Gospel. Why Listen? Because things happen to us. 

  • Little Is much when god is in it

    Micah 5:2

    Though Micah is categorized as a minor prophet, God would use him to prophecy about the wonderful event of Christ’ birth. Though Bethlehem is a minor city, God sent His Son to be born in it.