Evangelist Jeremiah Sargent

Brother Jeremiah was born in Wangaratta, Victoria, Australia. He was brought up in a home where the Word of God and the love of God was invested into his life. As with Timothy, the Holy Scriptures made him wise unto salvation and, on May 20, 1985, he believed the Gospel and turned to God for the forgiveness of his sins and the salvation of his soul. Shortly afterward, he was scripturally baptized into the Willetton Bible Baptist Church (Western Australia), where his father served as its pastor. His parents continued to disciple him, both through devotional times as well as by their lifestyle. In 1998, Jeremiah moved to the United States of America with his parents and siblings, whereupon he united with the Bible Baptist Church of Oak Harbor.


In 1992, during a tent revival meeting, the Lord called Jeremiah to preach the Gospel. He surrendered to God’s call and immediately began training for the work of the ministry, being personally mentored and taught by his pastors. He is a graduate of the Church’s Christian School (1996), and in 1998, graduated from the Church’s Bible Training Institute and from Skagit Valley College (with an Associate degree in Graphic Arts).


In 2000, he married his best friend, Shannon. They have been blessed with a beautiful daughter, Danielle. Jeremiah and Shannon served together as youth leaders and as a deacon and wife. They led four youth missions trips: to Mexico, the Czech Republic, Canada, and Costa Rica.


In 2002, Jeremiah was given the opportunity to enter into full time ministry, and, in 2006, he was ordained as the senior pastor of Bible Baptist Church — a position he held for three years. During this time, he led and organized the Church’s “Highway 20 Project” — an endeavor that evangelized 12 towns and cities along a 200+ mile stretch of State Highway 20. (This church-planting project continues to this day under a different name: “North-Central Washington Baptist Outreach.”)


Jeremiah moved on to serve as pastor of Tabernacle Baptist Church in Lubbock, Texas for over eight years.


He and his family rejoined Bible Baptist Church and its preaching staff in March, 2018. His present ministry is in leading the Church’s “South Pacific Baptist Outreach” endeavor.


Brother Jeremiah’s personal ministry philosophy can be summarized in one verse scripture: “My little children, of whom I travail in birth again until Christ be formed in you” – Galatians 4:19. The Baptist ministry is hard work, but his desire is to pour Christ into the lives of all those to whom he ministers.