All the materials produced by Bible Baptist Church Publications are copyrighted, whether stated or not. Under United States’ copyright law it is not required that a copyright notice appear on a book. In fact, material does not even have to be published — just created — to have copyright protection. To us, a copyright is not a “money-making” thing. It serves to protect the integrity of the materials, especially doctrinally. 

We are sometimes asked for permission to copy these publications in whole or in part. It is our earnest desire that these materials be used widely and effectively to the glory of God — however, we have learned by experience that retaining a measure of control is both expedient and reasonable, especially since they bear our name. 

We do not feel led to use general church funds (tithes) or missions funds to subsidize the production of our publications, except for some foreign-language editions. Because we want churches and individuals to obtain the materials from us, we make them available at prices that cover the cost of producing them and maintain the ministry in a self-supporting way. 

We are placing our books in electronic format on CD-ROMs, which do come with qualified permission to make unlimited copies. If these are available, we will direct the one seeking permission to make copies to purchase the book in this form. 

There may be certain limited situations where we will grant permission to make copies. If so, permission must be obtained in writing and will come with conditions.