South Pacific Baptist Outreach

The church’s burden and vision for this outreach ministry began with a youth mission trip to Samoa in 2014. Viewing, from an airplane window, the numerous islands scattered across the vast Pacific Ocean caused our pastor to wonder whether they had been reached with the Gospel.

Subsequent research and return trips to various island nations were conducted to survey the needs, leading to a growing conviction that there was indeed a great need everywhere for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and sound Biblical truth.

For the year 2017, an emphasis was placed on prayer and fasting. A gathering of the preachers of the church in August of that year determined the Lord was indeed leading Bible Baptist Church to reach the South Pacific with the Gospel. Under pastoral leadership, the decision was made that 2018 was the year to turn vision into action. The work of prioritizing, planning, and placing of personnel began immediately.

In early 2018, the Lord led Brother Jeremiah Sargent (a former senior pastor of the church) back to Oak Harbor, and full oversight of the "South Pacific Baptist Outreach" was entrusted to him. He was commissioned as an evangelist of Bible Baptist on September 23, 2018, and moved to Suva (Fiji's capital) with his family to establish a base of operations and begin the ministry in earnest.

During the first year of labors the Lord opened doors to launch two Bible Training Institute classes; to establish a translation and publications ministry; and to engage in active evangelism throughout the Fijian Islands — resulting in several regular Bible study and discipleship groups being formed. In early 2020, a television program called “Transformed by Truth” commenced airing through a Fijian TV station. This program has the potential of reaching into 60 countries.

In keeping with our conviction of team ministry and church involvement, two young men from Bible Baptist labored alongside the Sargent’s in 2019 — and many from within the church’s membership and from other partnering churches continue helping in the work. As a church we constantly petition the Lord of the harvest that He will raise up God-called men who can be sent to help and expand the work.

The church’s ultimate goal is to preach the Gospel and to establish churches throughout the South Pacific islands. The country of Fiji will be a training ground and a launching point, from which God will lead our church to fulfill its calling.

Let them give glory unto the LORD, and declare his praise in the islands” — Isaiah 42:12.

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