Bible Studies: Two adult Bible classes are held during the Sunday School hour every Sunday morning (9:45) the Auditorium Bible Class (providing various in-depth Bible studies) and the Builders Class (providing basic discipleship and grounding in the faith). 

Choir: The choir provides special music for Church meetings and special programs throughout the year. It is open to youth and adult members. 


Ladies Bible Fellowship: A periodical Bible Study and fellowship time for ladies is held on a Monday evening during the fall through spring months. Practical teaching for marriage, motherhood, and service is given in an atmosphere of friendly fellowship. Fellowships are as announced.


Men’s Prayer Breakfast Fellowship: A periodical breakfast and Bible Study for teens and men is held on a Saturday morning during the fall through spring months. Fellowships are as announced.


Bible Training Institute: A preacher-training program, using curriculum written by Pastor Robert Sargent and published here by the Church, is conducted through the year for the purpose of training and preparing men for the ministry as well as equipping Church members for the work of the Lord.


Compass Fellowship:

COuples Meeting, Praying Always, and Serving the Saviour (COMPASS) is a ministry geared towards encouraging the young married couples (up to the age of 35) through regular fellowships for social conversance, Bible study, and prayer. For more information contact the church office via email.

Sunergos Fellowship:

The word "sungergos" is a Greek word meaning "synergy" or "working together". The purpose of the Sungergos Fellowship is to encourage synergy in the work of the Lord (Romans 16:3; I Corinthians 16:16). The regular gatherings are for young married couples (over the age of 35), meeting for fellowship, mutual encouragement, and prayer and Bible study — all designed to foster Christian service. For more information contact the church office via email.


Zawkane Fellowship:

The name “Zawkane” comes from a Hebrew word meaning "elder". This group is for seniors over the age of 50, who meet on a regular basis for fellowship and service. A regular meeting is held on the second Thursday of every month to write birthday and anniversary cards and notes to the evangelists, and their families, that the Church helps support. For more information contact the church office via email.


Military Outreach:

We salute all the individuals and families who are currently serving, or who have served, in the armed forces. Service members have a special place in the heart of Bible Baptist Church due to our proximity and historic ties to Naval Air Station Whidbey Island. We can provide rides from the base for any sailor or marine (please call or E-mail us to make necessary arrangements). All service personnel are warmly invited to join the regular fellowship meal after most Sunday morning meetings.


Recording Ministry: Copies of recent preaching and teaching messages are posted weekly on this website. See Sermons.


Book Store: A small bookstore, located off the auditorium foyer, is open after regular meeting times to provide King James Version Bibles and good books and music at reasonable prices.