Pastor Robert J. Sargent

Robert Sargent was born in Wangaratta, Victoria, Australia. At the age of 16 he trusted the Lord Jesus Christ as his Saviour, and shortly thereafter was baptized into the Wangaratta Baptist Church. He acknowledged the call of God upon his life as a 19 year-old college student, entering the Baptist ministry in 1971. In 1988 he and his family moved to the United States to serve as a pastor here at Bible Baptist Church. Prior to this, he pastored independent Baptist churches in the states of Victoria and Western Australia, and served as president of a Bible college. Brother Sargent and his wife, Vicki, have three children, all of whom are happily married and serving the Lord. You may contact Pastor Sargent by phoning the church at 360-675-8311, or by emailing him at his Office