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  • where do you live?

    Numbers 32:1-9,16-23

    As a Christian journeys through life, we take up a residence somewhere.  Where we plant roots as our “spiritual” address is very important.  Many Christians live life content to be close to the blessings but not in the center of God’s will.  Pastor Sargent presents the causes and consequences for living around the edge of victorious Christian living.

  • where does god fit into your life?

    Matthew 6:24-34

    As Christ addressed his disciples in the sermon on the mount, they were challenged to live a satisfying Christian life.  Pastor Sargent presents areas in our lives to put God first; this reveals where our priorities lie.

  • jeremiah's field of dreams

    Jeremiah 32:1-15

    Jeremiah’s act of faith when purchasing land from his cousin Hanameel is a great example for us today.  Pastor Sargent brings out five observations and lessons for us how that faith brings hope.

  • heaven

  • the god of heaven