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  • in what are you resting?

    Romans 2:21-29

    The Jews rested in having the law instead of keeping the law.  There was little keeping of the law, but plenty of hypocrisy.  Are you resting in activities around the church?  Are you hypocritical?

  • christian cannibals

    Galatians 5:13-16

    Many Christians today bite and devour one another and are consumed one of another.  The liberty that we have was never meant that we have the right to do whatever we please.  Liberty is the freedom that we have to do what God wants.

  • god's purpose for israel

    Romans 2:17-20

    God outlines the privilege of the Jews and their pretentiousness and pride which condemns them.  Israel gloried in their privilege and failed in their purpose.

  • the judgment of god

    Romans 2:1-16

    There is a contrast between the judgment of men and the judgment of God.  This passage outlines for us the principles and processes of God’s judgment.  God graciously explains how He is going to judge the world and how He is going to judge each of us.

  • don't follow your heart

    Proverbs 19:21

    One of the biggest lies of Satan and this world is to follow your heart.  God’s Word makes it abundantly clear that we are to follow His Word instead of our own deceitful heart!

  • the indictment of the gentiles

    Romans 1:18-32

    Here we are presented with God’s case against humanity.  Before man can believe the Gospel, he must understand his need for the Gospel.

  • the power of the gospel

    Romans 1:16,17

    This passage gives a good summation and different perspectives of the Gospel.  We can have a great confidence in the gospel message, have effectualness of the gospel, and can see the principal of the gospel.

  • praying with purpose

    Romans 1:8-15

    Paul expressed the purpose of the epistle in this passage, addressed to all the Christians living in Rome.  Paul’s delight, desire, and debt are mentioned so that we may have a more purposeful prayer life.  How would you describe your prayer life?

  • the called of god

    Romans 1:1-7

    Paul’s salutation to the believers that lived in Rome is filled with truth.  This passage of scripture issues a call to salvation, a call to holiness, and a call to service.

  • take no thought, but seek ye first

    Matthew 6:19-34

    Prioritizing and dealing with our thoughts and emotions is a battle within our mind.  Bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ and having a ready mind.  Are you anxious over temporal things?

  • a call for all

    2 Timothy 2:2

    Are you called to preach?  We are all to be faithful servants and able to teach others also.

  • what the bible says about socialism

    Psalm 14

    The world view you hold to will determine the actions and beliefs that you have.  Socialism chooses to remove God out of the equation; out of consideration.  

  • the model servant

    Philippians 2:19-23

    Paul and Timothy were of like mind in ministering to others and endeavoring to be Christ-like.  Many that had been with Paul moved on.  Many in our churches today have chosen to move on.

  • I shall not slide

    Psalm 26:1

    David makes an emphatic, declaration that he shall not slide.  Regarding judging yourself, your daily walk, and trusting God, can you state emphatically “I shall not slide?”

  • instruction in righteousness

    Luke 23:47

    The Centurion’s report was a declaration of Christ’s righteousness delivering from death and directing in life.

  • the gracious woman and merciful man

    Proverbs 11:16,17

    Our old nature is against grace and mercy.  We need to express grace and mercy at all times.  Self is merciless; mercy is selfless!

  • overcoming Fear

    1 Kings 18:1-16

    Elijah was a man of faith, whereas Obadiah was a man of fear. The fear of man bringeth a snare.  Too many Christians today are snared with fear.  Through a careful study of Elijah and Obadiah we can see how to overcome fear with God’s help.

  • convenient food isn't

    Proverbs 30:8

    In this fast-paced world we live in, we are all prone to seeking convenient foods at times.  Are we that way with spiritual food as well?

  • the virtuous husband

    Proverbs 31:10-31

    Just as God describes the Virtuous Woman, He also provides great insight into the Virtuous Husband.  The husband, and future husbands, are provided with instruction in this passage so that they may be the protector and provider God would have them to be.

  • baptism

    1 Corinthians 1:10-18

    God’s Word is very clear in presenting who should be baptized, what baptism does, and who is responsible to baptize.

  • doest thou well to be angry?

    Jonah 3:5-4:11

    Love and anger are powerful emotions. Jonah demonstrates for us causes and consequences of anger. God’s Word shows us how to deal with anger.

  • seven reasons to bless the lord

    Psalm 103:1-5

    The Psalmist  [David] gives us seven reasons to Bless the Lord.  We do not need to pay the Lord lip service, but express a heartfelt expression of gratitude for all He has done for us.

  • the espalier principle

    Proverbs 22:6

    It takes a lot of patience and work for a horticulturist with trimming and pruning a tree to produce fabulous looking shrubbery and trees.  It also requires patience and care.  This is much the same as raising children.

  • hunting for wisdom

    Proverbs 12:27

    Do you “hunt” within the word of God for wisdom?  Are you diligent or slothful in the pursuit of the “game?”  Do you classify your Bible reading as “sport,” or for “sustenance?”

  • christ is above all in his welcome

    John 14:1-3

    Not only do we long to see Jesus Christ and to be present with Him, but He desires us to be present with Him.

  • christ is above all in his wounding

    John 10:11-8

    Other men die because they have to die, no man can escape death.  Jesus’ death was voluntary.

  • christ is above all in his witnesses

    John 20:19-29

    The cornerstone of Bible-based Christianity and the central message of the Gospel is the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  The testimony of many witnesses speak to the infallible proof of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

  • christ is above all in his works

    John 5:31-47

    Jesus’ works were certainly unique.  His works pointed to the fact He was equal to God and showed His oneness with the Father.

  • christ is above all in his words

    John 3:29-34

    Jesus’ words are different from anyone else.  Never a man spake like this man!

  • christ is above all in his wellspring

    John 3:25-36

    How are we made right with God?  Regarding purifying, how do we have our sins washed away?  The focus is upon Jesus Christ!

  • wisdom

    Proverbs 4:5-9

    Wisdom is the principal thing; we are to love, embrace, exalt and praise her.

  • the dangers of shipwreck

    1 Timothy 1:18-20

    There is a need for you to live for Christ with a straight course.  Do not let your life as a Christian result in shipwreck.  

  • spiritual battle

    Daniel 10

    Spiritual battles are all around.  Principalities and powers are at work against Christians.