Current Video Sermons

Here you will find recent video message preached at Bible Baptist Church in 2023.

  • don't jury-rig your home

    Proverbs 31:10-31

    In order to have a happy home, it takes all members of the household working together.  The scripture passage tonight enlightens us to principles for the Husband, Wife, and Children that if followed will result in a household that pleases the Lord.

  • ye cannot be partakers of the lord's table and of the table of devils

    I Corinthians 10:16-22

    You cannot be saved apart from the blood of Jesus Christ.  Communion of the blood of Christ is first through salvation and then the Lord’s Table.  In this message is seen the Communion of the Blood and Body and the Table of devils.

  • god offers peace and peace with god offers

    Numbers 7:36

    Names of people and places in the Bible have significance and are important to God.  An in-depth look at three names and what they offered focuses our attention on what and how we offer to God our sacrifices.

  • when god gets your attention

    Acts 12:1-10

    God often uses circumstances, conviction, and consequences to get our attention.  Throughout the Bible there are many examples of how God gets the attention of His people, this message briefly examines those examples.

  • let not your heart be troubled

    John 14:1-15

    The two kinds of trouble we deal with regularly are either against us or to disquiet (unnerve) us.  Anytime we go through a time of trouble we should draw nigh to the Lord.  When we’re going through times of trouble we have the Lord’s great promise, Christ’s provision, the Paraclete, and God’s peace to cling to.

  • that which was bruised

    Leviticus 22:17-33

    God was particular of what Israel was to offer unto Him.  God is also particular in what we are to offer Him as well.  In this message is presented a look at the Saviour (the bruised one) and our Sacrifice (response to His bruising).

  • six witnesses to jesus christ

    I John 5:6-13

    [Baptist Distinctives Series]

    The error of Gnosticism had crept into the early churches, bewitching and deceiving believers.  A witness testifies of what they saw or heard.  In this message Pastor Sargent elaborates on six witnesses to Jesus Christ: (1) the water, (2) the blood, (3) the Spirit, (4) the Father, (5) the Word, and (6) the Holy Ghost.

  • A covering

    Exodus 25:1-22

    The mercy seat sat above the items in the ark that condemn us, perfectly covering them.  As the mercy seat covers the ark, we see also how the wings cover the mercy seat and how the presence of the Lord covers it all.

  • the fatal attraction of error

    Galatians 3:1-14

    [Baptist Distinctives Series]

    As Paul admonishes the church in Galatia to stand firm upon truth, he addresses the defense of the gospel.  In this message is presented the Receiving of the Gospel, the Ruining of the Gospel, and the Redefining of the Gospel.

  • how do you respond to the authority of jesus?

    Luke 19:28-44; Psalm 118:14-29

    The text bears witness as Jesus Christ makes His royal entry into Jerusalem.  In this we see the Messianic Credentials of our Lord and the Response of the people to the Messiah.

  • principLEs of dress

    Exodus 28:40-43

    God’s Word has a lot to say about how we dress.  In this message the principals pertaining to modesty is clearly seen and explained.

  • sanctity of life

    Psalm 139:1-24

    The Holy Spirit chose to use a murderer (David) to sing about the sanctity of life.

  • don't be afraid of god's grace

    Genesis 42:25-35

    The life of Joseph testifies mightily and plentifully of the Lord Jesus Christ.  In this message, Pastor Geist walks us through the life of Joseph which foreshadows Jesus Christ and God’s grace.

  • to all the saints

    Philippians 1:1-8

    Paul had great affection for the Church in Philippi, as evidenced by his letter to the sanctified ones in Christ Jesus.  The message is just as applicable to us today.

  • the day of deliverance

    Psalm 18:1-3

    On many occasions David faced enemies, to which he relied upon God’s strength and deliverance by making a conscious choice to love Him, trust Him, and call upon Him.  Seeing how David handled difficult situations is very instructive to us today as well.

  • on the lord's day

    Revelation 1:10

    As a continuation of the morning preaching, Pastor Geist explains from scripture the meaning of the Lord’s day.

  • in the spirit

    Revelation 1:10

    In this message Pastor Geist preaches about being in the Spirit on the Lord’s day by both centering on the indwelling and infilling of the Spirit in a believer’s life.

  • the parable of the unjust steward

    Luke 16:1-12

    In this message Pastor Sargent presents Jesus’ parable about the unjust steward.  The central message conveyed is to make provision for the future.